Semalt: Why Great SEO Rankings Don't Happen Overnight

There is a common myth spread among people who do not understand SEO that SEO agencies can make you an overnight success. Agencies can promise that they will put you on the front page of Google search results instantly. However, here is the hard truth: no matter how great a SEO agency is, it cannot guarantee you a rapid result.

People often make a mistake when thinking that search engine optimization (SEO) will transform their website overnight. Of course, it is true that SEO has the potential to affect your site but in a long term run. The most SEO enthusiast rarely tell that the only way to enjoy all the benefits of SEO is to be patient and understand the complex of factors, which make SEO effective.

The Customer Success Manager of Semalt, Digital Services, Igor Gamanenko explains the most important SEO truths you should know.

SEO is Complex

There are many factors that come into play before your site will get the high ranking on Google's search engine result pages also known as SERPs. After all, Google has more than 200 ranking signals, which are always changing. By working consistently on each of them, you will jump through the multiple hoops and experiment to see what brings you great results and what does not.

One of the things that makes ranking high on Google's result pages difficult is that Google keeps modifying its algorithms without announcing the changes. When Google modifies its algorithms, they rarely announce it to the public. As a result, SEO experts are wondering what is going to be ranked well and what will not.

Once the algorithm changes, the best SEO experts gather the data from numerous sites to analyze what has been changed. When they analyze the data, they make grounded decisions about what was changed and how to respond to those changes.

SEO is Both Science and Art

Learning SEO ranking requires spending a lot of time working and studying hard. Here, you have to run website audit and create Google-friendly content. These two factors are the pillars that make SEO complex, however, there is no shortcut to thriving the digital world.

SEO is a Long-term Run

The front page of Google is a constantly moving target. This means that there is no guarantee will your competitors get the high ranking or not. By now, you understand why SEO is complex and takes time to work on it. So, how do should we set realistic goals to get credible, long-term results?

When you only started looking at SEO as a long-term goal, you have already got a head start. To build a better foundation, keep in mind that SEO only works on the basis of long-term objectives. To make it effective, link your SEO efforts to driving more traffic to your site and making more sales within a specific period of time.

SEO Requires Investments

Great SEO requires intensive investment of your time and resources. When you put in time, effort and bring resources, you will get a compound return at the end of the day.

SEO Goals are Changing

Since SEO is a driving factor of the business growth, there is no way you develop a static plan for it. To keep afloat, keep re-evaluating your SEO on an annual basis. For better results, consider re-evaluating it quarterly.

If you have hired a reputable SEO company, they will inform you that they cannot deliver overnight results. Once you have established the rules of engagement, keep an open line of communication about expectations and results to avoid misunderstandings. Though SEO is not an overnight process, it is something you should invest in since the results are worth the effort. When you set realistic expectations and understand how it functions, you are on the right way to getting the best returns on investment in SEO.